Project Planning Kit

When you decide to build your next patio, pathway and/or retaining wall, you will find a wide selection of local, Maine-made products and a friendly, knowledgeable sales force at eight convenient Gagne & Son store locations across the state of Maine.

Use the resources in this section to plan and complete your next home improvement project in Maine. Visit one of the eight convenient Gagne & Son locations to browse a wide selection of products, like concrete pavers, available in an array of colors to fit your personality and compliment your style during your next home improvement project.

Resources made available in this section can be downloaded by clicking the button.

1. Base Aggregate Calculator

To build your own patio in Maine, you will need to determine the amount of base aggregate required. Calculate your required base aggregate with the calculator below. Keep in mind that you can call or visit one of the eight Gagne locations across the state of Maine to speak with a representative from the knowledgeable Gagne & Son sales team to help you make the right decisions for your next home improvement project.

Please enter Width, Length, Thickness and Material Density






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Calculated Results

Total Tons Of Material Required

2. The Elements of Your Patio

A hardscape patio is a beautiful addition to your home and it takes a lot of planning and preparation to make it happen. That's why Gagne & Son wanted to show you a deconstructed image of the layers that are needed for every patio in Maine. Refer to the useful image and description of the layers required for beautiful patios you can create with the help of Gagne & Son. Please remember that the proper preparation of your site is of the utmost importance to the success of your patio.

Your patio's foundation lies in the soil underneath and so it must be prepared before you apply the patio layers. Then, from the bottom up, you will need a geotextile, a compacted base aggregate, a sand layer, and the Maine-made pavers from Gagne & Son that come with a lifetime guarantee. You will also need edging and spikes that outline your patio's boundary shape.

The geotextile separates the fines in the underlying soils from the compacted base aggregate layer. The compacted base aggregate layer is the secret to your patio's long-lasting beauty and so it pays to take extra care on this layer. Install sand over the base to a consistent thickness. Finally, apply your selection of pavers in an attractive pattern and color to complete your home improvement project. Call or visit one of the eight convenient Gagne & Son locations to find out more.

3. DIY Patio Techniques

If your patio will be a DIY (do-it-yourself) patio, detailed step-by-step instructions are made available for download by Gagne & Son. This detailed document will introduce you to techniques that will help you obtain the best results for your next DIY patio project.

Do It Yourself Patio

4. Building A Pavement to Last a Lifetime

Hardscaping is an investment. That is why Gagne & Son wants you to have this document from ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Paving Institute) that contains detailed explanations about creating beautiful pavements that will last a lifetime.

Building A Pavement to Last a Lifetime

5. Permeable Pavements

Permeable Concrete Pavements (PCPs) are eligible for LEED® credits under the U.S. and Canadian Green Building Councils (USGBC and CaGBC) guidelines. Permeable concrete pavers are an environmentally friendly solution for your next home improvement patio or walkway. They come in a variety of attractive colors with the option of a lifetime guarantee. This document highlights many benefits of installing permeable pavements, including Green tax credits.

Permeable Pavements

6. FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to view Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) gathered by Gagne & Son to help you as you plan, purchase and build your next beautiful patio in Maine.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

7. Find a Contractor

Gagne & Son wants you to embark on your own projects to improve your home and make your backyard a paradise. But Gagne understands that sometimes you need to utilize a professional to complete the projects. Click here to get in touch with a paving contractor or retaining wall contractor recommended by Gagne & Son.