Welcome to the Gagne & Son masonry section. Below you will find a list of the masonry products that we make and sell. Gagne & Son is a prominent masonry manufacturer in the state of Maine. We pride ourselves on quality and service. Please take a look at the products below and click the words with the icons to get more information.

Cement Brick
Cements & Lime
Clay Bricks
Clay Flue Liners
Cleaners, Sealers and Restoration
CMU Architectural
CMU Fast Brick
CMU Standard
CMU UL Fire Rated Blocks

Cultured Stone®
Glass Block
Glazed Block
Ground Face Block
Insulated Block
Mortar Dye
Mortar Water Proofing

Refractory Cement
Semco Natural Stone Veneer
Sound Block
Thin Brick
Wall Tiles & Anchors
Wire Reinforcement