Mega Wall

The Gagne Mega Wall Retaining Wall System is a heavy duty knob and groove interlock system that allows for quick and easy installation. Not only is a Mega Wall system flexible and easy to use, but extremely durable. Mega Wall systems are aesthetically pleasing, with block molded with a stone finish that gives it a natural-looking texture.



  • 2’x2’x4′ Mega-size blocks for rapid construction of large retaining walls.
  • Save 300% of labor cost vs. the standard 8″ tall segmental retaining wall system.
  • Interlocking knob-and-groove design makes it easy to install and automatically creates a 2″ setback per course.
  • Available with 3″ tapered sides to form curved sections, or form 90° angles with corner block.
  • Top blocks with a 4″ recessed surface allow topsoil and grass to extend to the face of the wall.
  • Stone finish creates a “natural” appearance.
  • The Gagne Mega Wall may be up to 6′
    (3 Courses) high without a Geogrid layer.



  • 24″ high x 48″ long x 24″ deep
  • 8 square feet per piece