Find a contractor for your project

Gagne & Son is committed to helping homeowners and contractors connect for their projects.  We created this program for homeowners to easily find a contractor for their project.  The program is very easy to use and the results are going to be tremendous for both our homeowners and contractors.  Below you will find a quick video showing you how the program works.  Also you will find a bullet point explanation as well.


How it all works …


  • Click on the Find a Contractor link above
  • Fill out the form with all of the information that you have and submit
  • Contractors that have signed up for our program will receive an email with your job details, except your phone number.
  • Contractors will examine the details to establish whether they want to bid the job or not
  • Contractors that want to bid the job will send you an email asking for a chance to meet and bid your job
  • They will include any information to help you make the decision of which contractors to invite to bid the project
  • You will then get in touch with the contractor(s) that you want to bid the job
  • The rest is up to you and the contractors
  • Gagne & Son will contact you to make sure the program worked for you, and help anyway we can


If this is not a program that you wish to take advantage of, please visit or call one of our 7 locations and we will gladly give you a few names to call.