Granite Cobblestone

Granite Cobblestone have been used since ancient times on outdoor surfaces because of their durability and strength.  ONe of their more common uses is edging, whether it be flower beds, gardens, walkway, driveway.  The uses for these are certainly endless.



  • 4 different sizes
  • Natural stone, so salt and calcium will not effect them
  • Their irregular look is widely popular



  • Cube 4″x4″x4″
  • 3 pieces per linear foot
  • 9 pieces per square foot

  • Landscape 4″x4″x8″
  • 1.5 pieces per linear foot
  • 4.5 pieces per square foot
  • Regular 5″x5″x9″
  • 1.33 pieces per linear foot
  • 3.2 pieces per square foot
  • Jumbo 4″x7″x10″
  • 1.2 pieces per linear foot
  • 2.06 pieces per square foot