Farmhouse Wall

If you can dream it, Farmhouse Wall can make that dream a reality.  The endless possibilities that Farmhouse Wall offer are simply mind boggling.  Build fire pits, benches, pillars, planters, freestanding walls and outdoor kitchens in all shapes and sizes.  The options are endless.

The character that Farmhouse Wall brings to your natural outdoor living space reflects the time honored tradition of building with stone.  It’s one block set and four possible configurations (including the option of using it as a cap) set this product apart from the rest.  Each Farmhouse Wall piece is barrel spun tumbled.  This proprietary process developed be Gagne & Son brings out the best of its character and beauty.



  • Barrel Spun Tumbled Surface
  • One piece that can be laid four ways
  • Various uses to add beauty
  • Smooth surface for a clean look


  • 4″ high x 12″ wide x 8″ deep
  • 3 pieces per square foot
  • 40 square feet per pallet